Dub's Going On A Trip!

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Dub's Going On A Trip!

Post by dubyahhh on Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:15 pm

So, I'll be going to Texas for an internship this summer! I'm taking a route that's more or less straight from Rochester, NY to Houston, TX (to be general about where I live and where I'll be working, you stalks (I'm kidding, of course. <333)). If there's anyone in that general line that wants to meet me then I'll be going that way around mid May. Smile I know of one person I'll definitely be stopping to see, but I was wondering if there's anybody else in the general vicinity of the route I have to take. Just a thought!

In other news, is there anybody else that has a cool job? Or is going a long ways away for a job this summer? Anybody? I think I'll be working at an oil refinery (since I'm essentially a chemical engineering major) so I'm pretty excited. Was curious if anyone else was also excited about a job!

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