Because Stuff Just Happens Sometimes

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Because Stuff Just Happens Sometimes

Post by dubyahhh on Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:17 pm

"Post topic as: Global Announcement"

I have literally no idea what this means. I hope this doesn't email people... Guess we'll know in a minute now won't we? Razz

So, lots has happened in the last, well, while! Here's a quick run down of my stuff, with pictures! Because pictures are good. They can speak one word, a hundred, or a million. I suppose sometimes one thousand. But I think that's just an expression, in reality it's probably very rarely exactly a thousand words! But whatever, here's stuff!

So, I kind of got really busy (and super depressed (it was bad (like, never letting that happen again))) at the end of last semester, so I accidentally didn't shave for like a month. By the time I really noticed, it was too much effort to shave, so this was what I ended up looking like:

It was gross, yes. Here's the after picture with my contacts in:

A lot better, right? I thought so. Surprisingly, beards don't keep your face that warm. Kind of disappointing. I feel like they're mostly aesthetic.

Well, that was right before classes started, which was... Meh, a little bit ago. Not that long. But plenty's happened since then!

As it turns out, I like books. Well, I knew that, but with all the free time I have now (because dual majors are bad when both majors are sciencey and I decided to just not do that) my love has been rekindled! Here's some of the stuff I've gotten in the last month:

Not the best quality, but the idea's there. Quick run down, What If? because Randall Munroe is an underrated comedic genius, and that book literally had me in tears. Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars because it's about something that apparently half of the United States can't accept (climate change is real, and we're causing it. I don't care how many times Mitch McConnell or James Inhofe or the other republicans talk about it. They're not only wrong, but they're basing policy on their lack of.... I'll stop. This isn't my point. But remember that before you vote.) and I think it's really fascinating how people can so fervently oppose a scientific conclusion. That's the only nonfiction book I've had in forever... But it's still great! Super interesting stuff. After I finish it I'm gonna borrow my friend's copy of Bill Nye's book about creationism (since I love Bill Nye, and I heard the book was great (does a good job explaining why Creationism's... Well, you can look it up yourself I guess.)). But back to my picture, the three Tolkien books are a part of "The History of Middle Earth", which is a 12 book set that Tolkien's son compiled from Tolkien's notes. It's the bulk of Middle Earth canon, and basically, if you can read them all then you win life. Just straight up, you win. Someday I will manage that! The Colbert book is just because, you know, Colbert. I'm not allowed to talk about what's in it in any way (its Terms and Conditions specifically state that and that's all I'll tell you about the book), so I'll just say it's a book. That you need to buy right now. Just saying. NDT because it's NDT. It's good stuff. The periodic table mousepad's pretty awesome, it's super sensitive so gaming is a TON easier now. Smile Dewott because he was on the desk and I hate to not include him. The Rubik's Cube was there too, so whatever.

Gosh. I talk too much. Nobody's still reading this right?

I also got this poster:

Because I. Love. Carl. Sagan. That's my number two favorite quote, after the one that's above it in my signature here (see below). The poster above the TV is a map of Middle Earth (I'm a geek, whatever), and the laptop (connected to the TV) background is space. Because space is too damn awesome to not have it as my background. Also, yes, my desktop has the Recycle Bin and two folder. They're called "Important Stuff" and "Unimportant Stuff". I like to be organized. On my laptop anyway, I feel like my room's a mess... Eh, whatever. Laptop's clean anyway!

So, probably my favorite addition to my life in the last few months is in this picture (that I took about 20 minutes ago):

I'm learning how to play the piano! I'm just working on scales right now. Before last week, I had literally no knowledge of anything related to music. I liked it, but heck if I knew what a chord was. Or what, god forbid, a key meant. I'm slowly learning these things now (I really have a ton of free time) and I am absolutely determined to be able to play with my friends before I graduate college. They play guitar and drums, and they're awesome. I have over a year, I figure I should be able to play some easier songs by then. Kinda depends on if I've got any natural talent for the thing. Turns out tapping is... A little helpful, I think. I have a lot of dexterity in my fingers (in both hands) from absentmindedly tapping on stuff for the last five or six years. I picked that habit up from tapping, so I think in the long run it should help at least a little bit. Smile And yes, I need to shave again. Shaving's so stupid though... Also I gave blood on Tuesday (thirteen times! Yeah! On a roll Smile ) ,which is where that shirt came from. Thirteen times giving blood and they've given me two shirts. I'm not saying that I need thirteen shirts, but I mean, I do like when they give them to me. So this trip there was a good one!

Hm... I start research with a grad student tomorrow, that should be fun (EDIT: Was a good time, looking forward to doing more tomorrow!). I'm letting my hair grow until I can't stand it, which will probably be never, so my hair's gonna be pretty long soon. I love it so much! Oh, I got into Silver 5 in ranked for LoL, which was stupid since I was Silver 2 and went 6-4 in my promos, but whatever Riot. That's cool. Um... Random stuff... Well, there's these if you want to be entertained and feel better about your life:

Mr. Rogers Remix
Bob Ross Remix

Those were nice discoveries this last month. I'm not kidding, if you watch those your day will be better. They're less than 4 minutes apiece, give them a chance.

So yeah, I had stuff happen to me. How about you guys? Anybody do anything exciting? Take any trips? I mean, I know stuff's happened. It's been a while, so feel free to keep us updated! I have a ton of free time (seriously, I can't emphasize this enough) so I thought I'd make a nice long "dub post" for you all.

Oh, and my name is Phil. I think I've hidden that for a long time. Whatever, it's not a big deal anymore. You can all know it. Smile Call me dub though, it's weird to be called my real name on the internet. I'm so used to dub now that it's basically my internet name.

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"There is always music amongst the trees in the garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it."
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"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
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Re: Because Stuff Just Happens Sometimes

Post by Rexton777 on Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:06 am

Wow Dubyahhh, I'm really looking forward for a beard, something like viking beard. Razz  Really nice collection of books, I enjoy watching Carl Sagan's Cosmos, presentd by Neil Tyson, 
And playing piano sounds great, I enjoy many of Mozarts, like Der Hölle Rache. Looks like things are going great for you. Nice seeing you.
Wow, what a surprise you mention your name. 
And as for me I've been busy with studies, I travel twice last year. 
One to Chicago, 
And another trip to the equator, it's been a while. Missed the old days of TTNB.

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