My ipad may be finished along with my Tap Tap Career

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My ipad may be finished along with my Tap Tap Career

Post by BOchamp01 on Fri Oct 24, 2014 12:11 am

My ipad crashed and its froze at the reset screen and isnt doing anything. ive put it into recovery mode twice and it keeps saying that an error has occurred and the ipad goes back to the reset screen. the ipad is at 18% and im just going to let it die, then see if it will start properly. If it doesnt, then i will lose my ability to kik, access youtube easily, and most importantly play tap tap. I will update this when it dies and if it restarts. i hope it does...

Update: My ipad just died and i charged it a little bit, but its still stuck in the restarting screen. Until further notice i wont be able to kik or play TTR.

Update #2: I put it into recovery mode, reinstalled 5.1.1 and restored my backup from last week. Tap Tap 4 didn't install right, but i was able to go onto my purchased apps, and reinstall Tap Tap 3, so if you have bought it in the past, you should be able to still get it.  I haven't done much testing on this, but it should work for everyone.

Update #3: I went back to my purchased apps, and redownloaded TTR4 since it didn't install right when i restored my backup, and i also reinstalled TTRTour because why not. Both installed fine, and ill transfer all my tracks from my cpu to my ipad. When i reinstalled TTR3 all of my Premium songs that i had bought was still there, so that's nice. 

Ok last edit, TTRTour was always online which i just now realized, so its useless... i just deleted it.

Also i uploaded all of my TTR3 tracks that included some premium tracks, and a ton of customs (mostly semi-ruby songs). its around 300-400 songs. the file is 2.37GB compressed zip file, but unzipped its around 3.2GBs so some space will be required. Here is the link if anyone wants them. download/34h4j67qgwl7vb6/


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Re: My ipad may be finished along with my Tap Tap Career

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:53 pm

Mine's been over since March.  I couldn't find a way to get it to work on my new phone.  Neither did TTRel nor TTH work.


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